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 20th March 2014 - Anything to Reminisce
Love story. Reminiscing nine years ago 20th of March 2005 marked the unforgettable day my fiancé (husband now) arrived in Thailand after nine months we met online and decided to nurture our relationship forever, the same month we got engaged.

Here are the few raw or unedited photos we had in Bangkok, Thailand where I worked as a teacher and explored my life, ten years ago.

Brian Baulch and Jennifer Ramirez first photo together in front of Bangkok, World Trade Centre  March 2005

Opposite of the World Trade Centre building

My Fiance Brian Baulch then :-)
Thinner I was.
ICA - International Christian Assembly, Bangkok Thailand
Brief photo shoots after worship service with church friends before we go out.
Brian Baulch, (forget her name the one holding her girl), Jovilyn (cousin), and Ivy (friend)... sorry I forgot kids names.

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