My Blue Room Memoirs in Thailand Nine Years Ago

My blue room memoirs in Thailand nine years ago declared I was in love and still is at present with the same fiancé I married. It was the month (March/April) when my fiancé came to Thailand to meet me in real person and got engaged. Then he left me back to Australia while I perpetuated working all my fiancée visa back then. I continued teaching in school until Summer 2005 afore I finally left it by faith and focused processing all my Australian temporary Fiancée Visa requirements within less than three months before I got my Australian immigration interview and gratefully it was granted.

I must say, the Australian Embassy in Thailand at that time was very accommodating as my personal review!

Just took a photo of my sentimental value as you can see it, I often have a world map with me.

I had a non-authentic tulip purple plant as I was not aware of Queentulip colour at that time until I got married in Australia.

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