What are your surprise birthday gifts?

I think for some or most, we all have surprise gifts. Gifts count the thought and not the cost of the gift from the giver. Albeit in the first world countries, you will be surprised how many people are selling their unwanted gifts on eBay or Gumtree! Definitely, I never sell any gifts given to me, but I could apportion to someone else if I don't require it.

It is my 37th birthday today, and as my rule of thumb, I do not expect birthday gifts and greetings from nobody including my family except for a greeting or card from my hubby. Gifts for any occasion accommodates as a surprise at any time of the year or a lifetime not expected or requested. Why I mentioned surprise? Because as a wife we customarily recollect every detail of our husband's gesture. Within our nine years marriage, there was once hubby forgotten one of my birthdays to send me a card, but he's forgiven for that :-). I kept journals, so there is only one that I expected on my birthday without material gifts, but a thoughtful card is greatly appreciated. Today I received three boxes of surprise gifts and a pretty butterfly card customised from my beloved hubby through SendOutCards. I could verbalise great choice of colours without wife’s consent. Gifts all come in handy when they are useful to me.

I never grew up with birthday cakes and birthday gifts in my family similar thing with my four siblings. We grew up with birthday prayers and a little bit of treats cooked by my parents when they can but not often as I grew up in the full-time church ministry with my folks. Let me share you this part, as a pastor's kid which I am, I have been receiving generous surprise gifts occasionally though not on my birthdays. I grew up with plenty of clothes given by my parents' friends as well. I never HOARD my clothes, from all WHAT WAS GIVEN to me, I ALSO GIVE IT AWAY to those really in NEED during my parents' ministry or even to my relatives who are less fortunate than I am in the Philippines. From young, I learned "what is given much to you, you can freely give it to those really in need."

For those who have birthdays and never get greetings on your day even just a text message, I AM WITH YOU... I do not get birthday text message from people I send birthday phone text message but because my "rule of thumb is not to expect anything from someone" - It works perfectly in a way that your emotional intelligence elevates to the next level consciously.

“The state of our heart is more paramount than the size of our gift." #quote via rbc.org

From the bottom of my heart, thank you bhubby for your faithful love and everything you do here and there... We have been through a lot of experiences and trials, but we could certify our hearts to stay stronger and sweeter each day passes without children of our own for nine years. Love you more than blogging!

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