Your Jeans Turn Into Earth Friendly Sandals

Class: DIY Footwear using recycled jeans
Image by DoNight via Flickr
This actually reminds me of how my dad made my sandals and shoes when I was young! Most of my things were handmade by my father that I won't forget. He did a bit with my second brother but the rest of my siblings were mostly bought as young generations change and time is not enough to keep on doing such maybe. I would consider myself very fortunate to have all my stuff personalised or handmade by my father as I recalled...Miss my dad miles away though not because I need his help especially making cabinets or tables now that I am married I wished I would have got his carpentry skills...something to try maybe.
I found this a helpful idea for me when I need to wait and maybe buy cheaper inside slipper for everyone inside the house. This really gives me a good idea to start making one at a time. Come on moms! Let's start ripping off our, I meant our old ones to make snazzy feet...floor? If you happened to made one, share us your photos! Let's turn our jeans into the slipper.

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