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“Queen of the Night Tulip” derived from the tulip flower name itself with an elegant dark purple colour. Queen of the Night Tulip has another name like Ebony Tulip or Dark Purple Tulip and an identical twin sister of Tulip Paul Scherer. As a tulip gardener, “it’s one of the toughest of all the tulip hybrids in her gardening experience. 
    Source: http://www.herringisland.org/seasons.htm 
    Ballarat is an hour drive from the west-north-west of Melbourne that has the capricious four to six seasons annually and setting in Climate Zone 9. Australia has more than four seasons according to the Indigenous Australians; which bloody makes sense thru' her veggie gardening experience at home. Calendar seasons in Melbourne areas are illustrated above image. 
Queen of the Night Tulip on her mini garden

Got the most affectionate feline housemate in the world who have fallen in love with each other from a pet shop.
Ivy: how dare these tulips are taller than me?

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"He comes forth like a flower. Jobs 14:2."



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