• You're currently reading Queentulip's shenanigans of her unfolding pages handmade and gardening journal of the  GenX or 13th generation (pronounced: Jenn-X) 
  • Originated from main two tribal culture or indigenous cultural background the Kankana-ey tribe and Ilocano tribe parents. Racial roots are Filipino mixed with Malay, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. 
  • Live in Ballarat with her hubby where she experienced unwelcoming culture shock of western racism when she first arrived/settled. The opposite of her southeastern Asia tribal cultures that highly respect the white race.
  • She's "unemployable" in Ballarat City Australia; it was never a "job-friendly town" after trying her job applications failed many times like some she coincidentally met with the same experience. Some told her, she's either over-qualified profile (with professional diploma/certificates) or under-qualified perspectives (stereotyped). Positive note, this led her firmly to give birth their marriage entrepreneurship from scratch with no hot water system shower for few years even in cold winter just to survive and so forth!
  • Thank God, she did not come to Australia to rely on government hand-outs taxpayers' money, since there are who would pride it in their blog or articles that something given from government welfare sounds like freedom or blessing while in fact, it's the opposite of freedom. 
  • Queentulip indites something for the dot com generation blogging, editing photos, photo shooting, graphic designing, and anything she could contribute to their fusion entrepreneurship.
  • Her father is not perfect but exceptionally multi-skilled/gifted man. She dreamed of inheriting her father's natural carpentry skills, etc. but only she endeavours to apportion handmade crafts or other DIY kinds of stuff.
  • She loves her organic gardening. She dotes gardening tulips, other spring bulbs, succulents, variants of yummy, super duper food organic veggies and some fruits. She experiments anything that tries to grow in cold urban Ballarat city with a patch of an unbelievable scorching heatwave in Summer.
  • “Queen of the Night Tulip” derived from the tulip flower name itself with an elegant dark purple colour. Queen of the Night Tulip has another name like Ebony Tulip or Dark Purple Tulip and an identical twin sister of Tulip Paul Scherer. As a tulip gardener, “it’s one of the toughest of all the tulip hybrids in her gardening experience. 
  • Source: http://www.herringisland.org/seasons.htm 
  • Ballarat is an hour drive from the west-north-west of Melbourne that has the capricious four to six seasons annually and setting in Climate Zone 9. Australia has more than four seasons according to the Indigenous Australians; which bloody makes sense thru' her veggie gardening experience at home. Calendar seasons in Melbourne areas illustrated above image. 
  • The quest of the tulip farm consummated in 2006 when her hubby brought her to Tesselaar Tulip Farm in Springvale, Melbourne Victoria about two hours drive from Ballarat. Later they realised, not all Melbournians knew about this beautiful farm after watching their Facebook photos which also love tulips.
Queen of the Night Tulip on her mini garden
  • Queentulip manages other blogs (check on links section), curates relevant topics online and posts on social media.
  • Got the most affectionate feline housemate in the world who have fallen in love with each other from a pet shop after their first fluffiest/blue-eyed feline lost/stolen from home. Ivy designated her character name after from Ivy climbing plants. She climbs everywhere, she reads, watches an animal show on TV, wanders and peregrinates the neighbourhood as her nature when she requests to go in and out. She knocks on the door if she can't be bothered to meow from her day's adventure. Haplessly tulips and lilies are supposed to be poisonous to felines, but Ivy seems fine.
Ivy: how dare these tulips are taller than me?

Thank you for visiting. SHALOM everyone!

"He comes forth like a flower. Jobs 14:2."



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