The WORLD or planet EARTH as we know it! Mars of ElonMusk aka Uncle Martin is a distraction from the truth and keep you refocusing from their main agenda on Earth. MOST MEDIA TV/newspapers distractions from the TRUTH controlled by the evil elite. The evil experiments are rampantly EXPOSED more in PLAIN SIGHTS and yet those who are not awoken or IGNORANT of Satan's subject matters got nobody to blame anymore. Our FREEDOM has been undermined and yet many are still busy taking selfies or what? 

While you are being distracted from the "ronatic" and jab gene experimenting humans, there are many children abducted and missing for their satanic rituals of the pedos while they keep the mASSes wearing masks including children in other places? The medical mafia has taken over the health system for many years and the mASSes were asleep while they experiment the BLACK, YELLOW and BROWN RACE around the world including their WHITE race.

Everything has been ENGINEERED including our FOOD into FAKE FOODS and yet many people cannot tell the difference WHAT REAL and FAKE FOODS are and keep eating them! We are trying to detoxify and decalcify but avoiding them is even better! Plant organically and if we cannot plant, then buy from organic farming or non-GMO foods (non-chemical or non-pesticides foods) or organic REGENERATIVE FARMING. SIMPLE but complicated to avoid the poison ingredients. If you cannot even read the words in those ingredients of food, it's not food rather it's engineered or modified to slowly kill.

Since I joined INSTAGRAM when early launched, I kept posting about GMO stuff and until now while others have been censored by the Nazi fact-checkers if it is related to health! You know the devil's drills target is to keep DEPOPULATING the world as much as they vowed and sold their souls to Satan by following that Georgia Guidestones (research it), which is 100 km away from the CDC Center in America.

NOTHING IS CONSPIRACY THEORY - even the term 'conspiracy theory' they created themself to ironically defending their evil plans to keep killing humans for their satisfaction to the devil.

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