This kitchen will try not to use MSG (monosodium glutamate). NO to GMO (genetically modified products), NO to Processed Foods or adulterated foods, NO to processed SUGAR but can use low GI (glycemic index) alternative natural raw sweets when possible like "tagapulot" in Ilocano dialect or in English terms "muscovado" or "Barbados" cane sugar or molasses cane sugar. Jaggery in Indian term. I also use 100% organic/inorganic bee honey. More natural ingredients the better for health benefits with the hectic western life (rat race)! We choose not eat at those fast food chains in Australia (except once in a blue moon or nothing at all). I do agree, a sip of red wine with a meal is rather far beneficial antioxidants than drinking any soda drinks at all! Processed sugars are like cocaine according to many research and studies. Any food travel related reviews will be on our blog post.

Stay tuned for some interesting recipes here that I have cooked, learned, recreated at home and enjoyed by my hubby, family and friends. Some twist of Filipino Recipes and some International Recipes. Thanks for looking and feel free to share your thoughts or recipe links, suggestions and better recipes from the posts! Simply CLICK links below to get the recipe and see photos.

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