Karl Organic Kombucha Kit Review

My new adopted baby for a while now is SCOBY!

What is SCOBY?
Wiki defines,
"A SCOBY or SCOBAY, an acronym of a "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast".
It is a syntrophic mixed culture of yeast and bacteria used in the production of several traditional foods and beverages."

I bookmarked some sellers on eBay way before we decided which one to buy from. I just want to review one Kombucha kit of Karl. The summer air was glaring over the spring snow clouds, and we felt like drinking fizzy not the soda.  We decided to buy kombucha kit instead of kefir kit since we found a great deal of Kefir drink from the supermarket recommended by Russians in Australia who drinks the stuff from their origin country and still closest to their traditional brew.

Ironically, the organic Kombucha they sell from the supermarket uses Stevia sugar which is no sugar for the SCOBY when fermenting at all. If we brew our own Kombucha SCOBY the better and saving us fiat currency. I mean fiat currency as we can also use cryptocurrency in other smarter markets now.

What's in the kit?
Properly packed and received all in its package.
The photo shows what are in the kit.

Karl Organic Kombucha Kit Review:
  • Kombucha kit we bought online for two users are 4L kit (one for us and one for our old folks - although we could have waited to have a SCOBY hotel sharing from my brew kit it may take some time)
  • It's a brilliant package kit together! the recipe is all in the kit, most are organic except the white sugar, but I replaced the white sugar in the kit with organic brown sugar from the supermarket available between Woolies and Aldi shops (white sugar still fine to use too)
  • the instructional one-page printed is awesome user-friendly
  • the brewing jar is easy to install with the careful installation of the taps and testing it to avoid leaking accidents along with the brewing stage
  • transaction online shop is pretty quick delivery from the date of purchase
  • if there's any question, you can contact him online
  • as a first brewer, it's the perfect kit size to experiment with no hassles
  • my very first brewing kombucha date started Sept. 30, 2019
  • my 6th batch continuous brewing date in Dec 24th, 2019
  • within those 6th brewing experience process, I learn the do's and don'ts of the kit itself while reading other brewer golden tips online
  • the only downside of the kit with tap is useless unless you have extra time to wash all the tap parts where all the kombucha SCOBY inhabited in the crannies comfortably :-)
  • January 15th starts my 7th continuous brewing batch, I'm able to save SCOBY babies from the SCOBY mother itself into my SCOBY hotel jars (share in a different post about my SCOBY hotel experience)
  • my SCOBY HOTEL is ongoing for some next post and for those who want a free giveaway SCOBY mother from my babies local-based location pick-up
  • the brewing kit is continuous 107% success that's why I waited for it this long to give my unbias legit review
  • Karl Kombucha Kit online shop

The Kombucha Kit First Brew (bought a separate organic raw sugar for the kit)

my current continuous brew on its 7th batch by the time I blogpost

MAIN TIP: It pays off to research online through the Pinterest posts and linkbacks as you can gather your thoughts and make up your mind, which is the best method from their personal experiences with their photos.

My simplified Kombucha steps, fruit flavouring experiences with photos will be blog posted when I can.

Stay tuned.

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