Butterfly On A Kiss Me Quick Flower

They open their wings, flash patterns and colour, fly from flower to flower. I, with the dark brittles and many feet of the former form, inch along the ground. Sometimes all I want is two armfuls of air, a fistful of the sky. 
~Nina Kiriki Hoffman


Autumn Dancer flutters among the flowers, chasing the last rays of sunlight until her haven is swallowed up by night. Her sisters are asleep now, hidden under the fronds, but she doesn't care. She dances alone in the twilight, embracing the warmth of the golden hour, her wings sweeping past silky petals of the late summer blooms. In the safe cocoon of her garden, she dares believe that no harm will ever enter the gates. This is her world of beauty and peace, of sweet nectar and life, completely unspoiled by the footsteps of danger or the silent mockery of time.

Its chance to dance among the Kiss Me Quick flowers portrays timeless moments between those air that propels those wonderful delicate wings. The light shone as bright enough to recapture its details hanging from one side to the other. I'm only doing my task to demonstrate it.

Take time to tweak where those lights penetrate nature's sights, whether that will be a butterfly or a flower. The harmony rings music to the beholder. It's priceless than iPods or music app to the ears that hear and souls that understand its universe.

The fun of editing can be therapy to others. Never underestimate a designer's art that may bring a different light to its perfection even if there is no such thing. It's only in nature that things are perfect! Only YHWH God can default.

For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
~Isaiah 55:12


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