Queentulip Garden Spring Season October 2020

Part of Queentulip home garden today nearly transitioning from Spring to Summer! A journal entry what's in my garden this 2020 season blooming with buzzing bees all over the Borage Herb blossoms at the background with my non-edible flowering plants at the front.

The tulips did flowering after the strong wind blown them up in a month as usual. Too short weeks to enjoy but worth it.

Borage Herb is versatile not only for the bees but for human tummies feeding us during the winter season and spring season!

Some of the flowers are gourmet by other garden pests. I'm guessing small snails were feasting the flowers. They haven't done it before. It must be something related to quarantining humans in 2020.

Photos are from my phones, so don't expect them perfect. 😄 Uploading them here before cleaning my phone albums pretty full.


Oriental Poppies - Papaver Orientele

Mixed of Flowers and Edible Herb Borage at the background

Oriental Poppies: red and pink with my long years Sparaxis

Someone's biting the flowers!

I must say my phone shot is better for scene optimiser than my cam.

Borage Herb: you can eat leaves and flowers!

Purple Blossoms Beaming! My Nigella's about to bloom soon!

Blue Iris flowers are being also eaten in a matter of two weeks from blooming.

Still some Poppies about to launch!

Sparaxis close to drying if there's not much rain this mid-month spring.


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