8 Tips For Natural Youth Complexion

1 – DIET. Yes – you are what you eat! It is true. The less junk that you eat, and the more clean foods that you eat, the better your skin will appear. Eat fresh fruits, veggies and salads, … particularly those rich in antioxidants such as dark berries and leafy greens. Other foods known to benefit your skin are salmon, and eggs (in moderation).

2 – WATER. No it’s not just an old wives tale. Proper hydration is vital for keeping your skin plump and youthful. Just look at the difference between the skin of a ripe and juicy apple, and the skin of one that has been left out in the sun too long. Try to drink pure, mineral or filtered water where possible.

3 – SLEEP. Beauty sleep isn’t called beauty sleep for nothing! A good nights sleep can do wonders for your looks. Make sure that you have a comfortable bed, clean bedding, and sleep in a well ventilated room to ensure that you wake up refreshed and rejuvenated each morning.

4 – FRESH AIR. Get out and about in nature. Breathe deep and enjoy the outdoors. A brisk walk will get your circulation pumping and it will show in your face.

5 – CLEANSE. Healthy skin is clean skin. Always remove make-up before going to bed. At night, use a natural and gentle cleanser to remove the grime from your day. Always be gentle, especially around the eye area.

6 – MOISTURISE, Keep wrinkles at bay by investing in a quality moisturising product made of natural ingredients. This will feed your skin from the outside, and keep it soft.

7 – PROTECT. Buy a moisturiser that contains an SPF of 15 or higher in order to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. Alternatively wear a sunscreen, but try to find one that uses mostly natural ingredients and that is kind to your skin.

8 – DE-STRESS. Smile and be happy. It is often said that the face uses more muscles to frown than it does to smile. Have a really good laugh, have regular breaks from your work, treat yourself to an indian head massage … there are many ways to de-stress and keep the worry lines at bay.

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