White Parrot Tulips

White Parrot Tulip

Are you fascinated yourself with this flamboyant tulip petals?

I'm into detail myself with my personal art and crafts, so this Parrot Tulip captivated my senses and explore more about it.

White Parrot Tulip is one of my tulip flowers in my love garden. It spreads its spectacular parrot wings at Springtime with its shorter and stronger stem to hold its bigger petals than most of the tulips you can see in many tulip gardens. Mine is the feathery white colour with a patch of green on its petals or like its vein lines. Parrot tulips, in general, are usually called extremely flamboyant with other different colours besides white. Some of the flowers were attacked by small green insects, and they stayed there.

These  are taken by me last Springtime 2008 in my mini tulip garden:

white parrot tulip3

parrot white tulip

white parrot tulip2

white parrot tulip1

CLICK on Parrot Tulips images below to learn more about parrot tulips or their feathers:

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