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Sitting on the edge of the shopping centre park
at the sea coast in Glenelg, Adelaide South Australia...
I look on every detail that I can see.
I watch people playing, walking and lying on the sand...
My hubby and I started to settle down too and just sit together and relax...
My eyes were captivated with this kind of art on the sand...
Art left unnoticed it maybe.
Whoever builds this one...the person recreated it artistically!
She or he might be a little kid, youth or an adult.
It does not matter, but the art does really matter to me!
It may look simple, but it stands out in the mass of sands.
The beautiful shells and stones were put together accordingly
as you don't see scattered shells and rocks everywhere.

Though I saw more complicated arts on sand than this...
It compels me to blog about it at least.
Not knowing when it will surely be collapsed or be demolished by passers.
Digital cam does really come in handy to capture the moment!
The truth is the last time hubby, and I went back the next day...
It’s gone... it’s gone....
So very glad I got it here when it was, just for you and me!
Don’t you think it’s lovely?

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