Botanical Garden Walk

A short walk with my hubby...while recapturing the moment not too seriously but having fun!

Botanical gardens are supposed to be our great guide to visit and learn the plants that we can plant or thrive in our own gardens at home. Sometimes, we like to come here and hang around picking some autumn leaves, cute little pine cones, oak tree cones, etc. for my handcrafts or natural decorations.

Here's inside the Statuary Pavilion house centred by Charles Summer's Flight from Pompeii, which is a great reminder of Ballarat's wealth of the 1880's. It's just about to close when we took this photo so we did not actually continue to focus and photo-shoots around the Pavilion.

At my back is a side view of The Robert Clark Conservatory.
It's where the famous Ballarat Begonia's flower displayed during Begonia's Festival held at this garden.

Pardon me, for forgetting the name of these lovely pink flowers...

My fernery hubby...his favourite plants are ferns actually ;-) it's a fernville greenhouse obviously!
Very cool under the greenery shades especially if you come around here during hot Summer to tell the difference than the common lovely cold of Ballarat.

Upward exercise as well... FERNS reminded me of our tropical country in the Philippines. Where ferns are just around the mountain paths, streams, river banks, or anywhere where I grew up. Sometimes you realise, ferns are bought plants if you want them around your gardens here in the Western non-tropical areas.

Sun reflections...

beautiful Garden pathways...

COOL SHADE of a big flowering's like magnolia flowers.
Although flowers I think almost fallen off for its next season bloom.

An ACORN from that old Oak tree...I really wonder how it tastes like. Hubby said, "you can try if you like" after I checked what Wikipedia says about the acorn.

Ouch... can't you feel that?

I've killed it before it kills me, man!

I told you, it was a short walk, so there are not much garden plants photos we've taken. More photos next time from my old collections of the Botanical garden located just the opposite of Wendouree Lake, Victoria. Sorry, there are no Begonia flowers in the garden after the Begonia Festival. It was not as big fest as it was used to be, they said.
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