Faith can conquer every obstacle!

"Get into the boat!" Thou didst whisper.
At first how I feared to obey;
I looked not at Thee, but the storm clouds,
The darkness, the waves and the spray.

But then came the words, "Will you trust Him?"
Will you claim and receive at His hand
All His definite fullness of blessing?
Launch out @ thy Master's command!?

Thou art willing, my Lord, could I doubt Thee?
Hast Thou ever proved untrue?
Nay! out at Thy word I have ventured,
I have trusted. Thy part is to do.
~ L.A.B-S ~

Build a bridge out of the storms, and go to Him!

"And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased."

Devotion: Mrs.C.E.C.
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