Background Story of the Song "Majesty"

It was the silver anniversary of the coronation of Elizabeth II as Queen of England.

At that time, Dr. Jack Hayford of California was touring England with his wife. The celebration, the countryside, and the spirit and enthusiasm of the English people, coupled with the great historical significance of that kingdom, made those two weeks a special time for the Hayfords.

As he felt the courage and motivation of the English people, Hayford realized that there was also a deep feeling in their hearts for the royalty who stood with them in dark hours.

Suddenly there came to his mind a feeling that Christ wants his church to have such a sense of loyalty and fellowship, because he must be our leader in good times and bad.

One word seemed to charge to the forefront: majesty! That word seemed at the moment to represent the glory, excellence, grace, and power of Christ. By comparison, Queen Elizabeth’s glory seemed paltry.

Dr. Hayford said to his wife: “Take the notebook and write down some words, will you?”

He then began to dictate the key, the notes, the timing, and the lyrics to one of the most popular new songs now being sung by Christians everywhere.

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