Tulip Haters in Ballarat, Why Would They Be?

What a shame, Ballarat has tulips haters or the gardener? Got ADHD, maybe?

Sure it's not a big deal but someone who is doing this every Springtime on our street... there's something wrong in their lives that needs to be fixed. Only them can answer that question in their hearts, soul and spirit.

'Got up today but I went to the back garden instead of at the front. When I thought of checking our mailbox, I was bewildered again why these innocent tulip flowers were cut, smashed, some uprooted and scattered on our driveway? It looks like it was done during the day (13 October 2011) as my husband arrives at 5 AM from night-shift work but haven't seen it. I woke up later in the day as I often prepare his food at midnight and I work at night as well at home. This did not happen once but it happens every Spring season.

What kind of psychological disorder? Do they hate the tulips, envy the colours, hate the gardener or what? All year round there are other plants but never touched like those poor tulips! We were even out for a vacation overseas not long ago, and no plants have been destroyed at all?

Guess what? How timing did they uproot my Queen of The Night Tulip one but the rest were cut off?

What happened today reminds me of the other week when all our tulips are first blooming. I suspected done by a person's foot inside our carport near our fence garden. All I thought was someone's stamped on it and my hubby thought it might be a great rainfall from the carport roof on it (fair enough) but it does not look like it was to me to all this today. Unfortunately, I missed to take a photo before the first scenario happened but I got a picture of it after the vandalism.
After it looks being stamped.

It looks vandalised in our carport side garden, poor tulips!
These are tulips that are replanted every year from their bulbs. Therefore they grow tall and big. Some bulbs that are not lifted and replanted will stay smaller than the taller ones. Do tulips come back every year? Yes, they do come back but if you never raise them for long from the ground they will rot, and it cannot multiply as it should be. WHAT ABOUT THE VANDALISM? Why do they do this every year?

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  1. Hey Jennifer, Rachel here from the Ballarat Courier, when did this tulip destruction happen? did it happen around Ballarat?
    Pls get back to me asap [email protected]

    1. Hi @Rachel, yes I blogged this from Ballarat from our home garden and thought of updated the post before I tweeted it. This photo was in 2011, and I'm left with paranoia to plant more tulip bulbs in front of our yard after all those consecutive years our garden attacked by vandals.