4 Ways to Add Color or Accent without Paint

These are great selections I am re-posting via Better Homes and Garden USA website. One of my favourite sites of all time. There are more than four to post, but I would keep it sweet and short to let your creative juices flow from this quick tips and start from there. Here are 4 ways to accent your home or interior design without the use of paint in any season.

1. Colourful Lamp Shades - revamp its cover to the style you like or match it with your interior design or home decorations. Make your own flower designs through looming, ribbons, sewing, and other hand crafts you already have, know or create.

2. Accent with Nature - any flowers or twigs can add terrific designs and decorations to adding accent to your home decoration. Fresh Tulips, Lilies, Roses and other flower blossoms are great refreshing to brighten up those days.

3. Accent with Green Things - Nothing beats those natural fruits as a great display for our table especially when they are in season for those who have no citrus fruit trees. Enhance them with some fresh flower blooms around as mentioned above to create that blending personality of yours in a unique way.

4. Mix with your Pillow Talk - mix and match pattern of pillows of different shapes and sizes that will go a long way with your coffee table pattern of colour of your choice.

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