Shocking Truth of Daycares or Nursing Homes

Truth hurts: Humour is half truth if not the whole truth!

We should not dump our little kids at DayCare because later in life when parents get older, the same children will dump those who dump them in the first place. I thought of this many times, before I came across the net what President Obama thought about it too.

The bold statement you can read was from a humour category that I surfed on the web. Interestingly it's the same comment I sometimes mention to my husband in the ironical humorous way whenever we heard elderly parents or grannies being hurt or abused in the nursing homes in Australia or the Western problemsCulture in general.  There are many incidents that are not issued to the old media at all but through "word of mouth" from sources that were connected and going to the system or institution, it's the very shocking truth!

"Now we dump the kids in daycare, and they return the favour by dumping their elderly parents in nursing homes."
("President Obama's Folly", by Cal Thomas, American conservative syndicated columnistThe Washington Examiner, 12-Sep-2011)

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Light Reflection of the quotation above in the photo:
"A story of little mouse {The Tale of Despereaux}  that changes the course of history by being himself. Although this one is not from Pixar, it is absolutely a must see for all lightworkers trying to free themselves from this locked up society. The movie will hand down lots of scenes/topics to discuss with your children (or other adults if they have seen the film)." 
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