Harlequin Flower or Sparaxis

At long last, I've finally found the real name of my unknown Spring flowers in our mini garden, which saturates among our tulips together with the Bluebells accumulating competition. It was a shame because my mother in the Philippines has been asking what's the name and I could not tell the name especially her Harlequin bulbs or corms starting to grow for her first time to see them in real ☺☺☺. Good for you mum, you're able to start your bulbs growing!

If your corms or bulbs don't bloom in the first year, you have planted on garden soils or potting soils. Just leave it where you planted, don't cut the leaves and wait for another year to grow back and it may even give you the first bloom. Replant them when they become crowded or accumulated in one spot the way you want it for naturalising among other flowers.

Here is my digital scrapbook photography:

Harlequin Flower or Sparaxis is one of the Harlequin types (Tricolor) I only have. There are other "fair dinkum" brilliant coloured Harlequin flowers beside these blooming in the garden, but I don't see them much around. The green leaves spiky shapes blend and economise the garden space with other Spring flowers like Tulips, Bluebells and the like.

Harlequin flower or Sparaxis Bulbifera climate is subtropical to cool.
Plant them late Summer to Autumn
After they flower just simply leave them on the ground 
and they keep coming every year for you to enjoy!
Fertilise it if you plant them in a bad soil during Autumn 
(just before the cold season).
Harlequin comes from the Iridaceae family.
Price range is depending on its variety and where you buy them from in Australia:
20-50 pieces from AU$6.50 to AU$13.00
100 pieces can be AU$25.00

Harlequin Flower or Sparaxis with Queen of the Night Tulip, Tulip Ad Rem, and Snowy Tulip

Lavendula or Lavender flowers (although not Spring bulb) but it's also blooming in Spring, not in Summer. Bluebell flowers were just perfectly accumulated more in 2011 due to more extended beautiful cold Winter.

Blaring sunset shining through our mini garden... Tulip names that you can spot in the garden are: Tulip Strong Gold (Bright Yellow); Tulip Barcelona (Purple-Pink); Tulip Ad Rem (Bright Orange); Tulip Gerrit van der Valk (Red with a Yellow Edge); Tulip Striped Bellona (Yellow with striped Red) and others you cannot see in the picture.

Again they are Bluebell flowers, Queen of the Night Tulip, Snowy Tulip and the Harlequin flowers of its kind in the garden - hopefully, I can find other Harlequin colours for their long lost friends in Springtime!

Highlighting my QUEEN OF THE NIGHT TULIPS with Tulip Ad Rem, Harlequin Flowers, Bluebell flowers and Tulip Barcelona close up. Both Harlequin and Bluebell are naturalising.

More view of the Queen of the Night Tulips and the rest of its blooming sisters. The heart-shaped green leaves among those Queentulips are Gotu Kola (Arthritis Herb). The Gotu Kola are already accumulated before I bothered to find its name - I thought it's just a lovely ground cover plant in our frontage house without knowing it's a valuable herb (anyway that's another post).

Thanks for watching and your time, this is Queen of the Night Tulip with all my Spring sensational blooming flowers!

What're your favourite flowers? 

Here's a photo of mixed Sparaxis or Harlequin Flowers,
which I don't have yet only the one I mentioned above.

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