What is Gum Tree and Land Rates in Australia

We have plenty of Gum trees in Australia, and they are native trees on this vast land of Down Under. Carmella, yes they are tasty gum tree leaves to all Koalas in Victoria where we live and dwelt by most Koalas than any other areas in Australia. Unfortunately, we don't have Koala in the city area except in Ballarat Sanctuary and also the bushlands just a few minutes drive from our town city. 

One of the Gumtree species are just in front of our house and apparently today is its first time having its "haircut" or branch cut for seven years I live in the house with my husband. The Gumtree poses in front of our hedge plants, so it's the City Council's job to cut the tree as part of us paying our land rates every year. It costs us $932.92 to pay annually [increases to more than $1000 in late 2013] whether we like it or not. All houses have to pay their land rates with or without a mortgage, except if you're renting you don't pay such property rates the cost is the owner or landlord.

How are rates calculated? 

Why do we have land rates? 
"Our rates help fund a range of services provided by Council including street cleaning and lighting, maintenance of local roads, footpaths and drainage, garbage and recycling services, as well as a wide range of community services ranging from Maternal and Child Health to Aged Services. It also contributes to the Ballarat Aquatic Centre, the Ballarat libraries, the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Her Majestys Theatre, maintaining Lake Wendouree and the Botanical Gardens, recreation reserves and playgrounds." Click here Ballarat City Rates and Valuations

The tree closer to our window where I'm taking this photo is Melaleuca tree or Paper tree they call it. It's literally like a Paper tree, it has very soft layers that you can write on it, but that will be another topic on my blog because I want to make a handmade paper journal with some of the barks peeling off with my current handmade paper journal project.

What is Gumtree?
Gumtree [ˈgʌmˌtriː] (n)
1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Plants) any of various trees that yield gum, such as the eucalyptus, sweet gum and sour gum Sometimes shortened to gum
2. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Plants) Also called gumwood the wood of the eucalyptus tree up a gumtree Informal in a very awkward position; in difficulties
Photo via Queentulip

Photo via Queentulip


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