How Filipinos Eat Green Mango

How we eat mango back home in the Philippines and enjoy the sour, sweet taste of munching it crunchy green! Not only eating it fresh green, but we also dip it in our simple spicy concoction sauce. Living in Down Under especially in Victoria limits us to buy and eat green mango from the supermarkets when we Filipino women craving for green mango whether you're pregnant or not at all! They usually sell ripened mangoes coming from the tropical side north of Australia in Queensland or in the Northern Territory. I don't know why the Australian mango market missing out the majority of multi-cultured Asians to sell green mangoes for us; not only Filipinos eat a green mango - you know.

In quest of green mango and concoction ingredients, we have to drive to the Asian market at Sunshine, Victoria or Footscray, Victoria to grab just these green mangoes! Thankfully we also have available Filipino shop where I live although green mango is not available.

Unfortunately, this mango I had tasted similar to the mango from Thailand that is often sweet without any sour hint bite when I was living there once in my life. The truth is, only Thai fruits are imported and being sold in the regular Australian supermarkets like Durian, Mangosteen, Lychees, Coconuts, etc. but no green mango yet? I reckon mangoes are more restricted to the Australian custom border security maybe :) though why the only mango when it can be any fruits!

In the Philippines, we do have many varieties of mango fruits to choose from and enjoy every year. We are all aware any culture in the world who have grown up with their native foods often miss their foods from their native land if not available where we live. This is just one way how Filipinos eat their mango without adding any other veggie salads or fruits. You can only eat it this way from the shared ingredients below and photos shown.

INGREDIENTS 1 - Green Mango Snack
(based on the photos shown):

INGREDIENTS 2 - Green Mango Jumping Salads
(based on my memory Ilocano recipe and experienced from the authentic countryside lifestyle by the river):

  • Green Mango especially the sour taste or with a bit of sweetness for the sweet tooth
  • Fresh tiny shrimps from the river for jumping salads we call it
  • Sea Salt 
  • bowl or plate
1. Grate the green mango with any cap of a bottle of soft drinks or beers you have if you picnic alongside a river or at the tropical beach.
2. Mix your pre-washed tiny shrimps or jumping shrimps from the river with your grated green mango.
3. Sea salt to taste.
4. Eat it with cooked rice and other vegetable salads of your choice.

Thankfully to my Aussie hubby for a day out to the Asian market and grab these little green tummy buggers for his Pinoy wife.

Just slice the way you want it. You can slice more presentable like how Filipinos do in the Philippines when they are selling street foods.

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  1. naglalaway akong tiningnan ang hilaw na mangga haha