Ballarat Summer Blooms 2012 - 13 Theme

Photos of the Robert Clark Conservatory summer blooms Ballarat. This is where Ballarat's world famous tuberous begonia collections are displayed annually to coincide with the Begonia Festival. Every season visitors and tourists come here and enjoy various displayed seasonal plants inside the Robert Clark Conservatory.

Photos below showcase the summer blooms in Ballarat 2012-2013. Our summer is from December, January and February that were introduced by European in Australia although there are 6 seasonal changes in Victoria according to the Indigenous terms; which it makes all sense. I am living here in Ballarat long enough to be able to observe the incredible changes of the season from hot to cold, cold to hot or four seasons in a day!

Local touring with my other mum and dad who visited us in Ballarat while they are passing by to visit their daughter in South Australia. They were my former sponsors in Compassion International (similar to World Vision in Australia) when I was young in the Philippines. They're one of my prayers answered that one day I could meet them in person and Yahweh God answered beyond what I asked for! I met them in person first-time in 2005 the year I got married in Australia!

Photo by mum Carolyn Olley

With my friends mum Carolyn and dad Brian Olley from Queensland

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