Beware; a Journalist Writer Could Twist Your Own Real Story

16 February 2013, Saturday - my memoir released.

 “Sometimes a journalist is no different with a gossiper when you became a victim of it.”

Glad to let you know, I am not a journalist, but I could write a real story without all the jumbo jargon twisting the story than a real life script story to share with you regarding my dear father’s life ruined by others including a gullible journalist. To cut story shorter; I wanted to share how a reporter could ruin your real life story in the old media “newspaper”, and this story started when this writer named Charlie Pinto painted in my memory even his name until these days. I guess the incident might be somewhere written in one of my diaries, but I am prompted to write something about this today dated above as I recalled the whole vivid story.

With the advantage of the Internet today, a newspaper could have their publication online, and the readers still have the ability to comment on your article. Back in those days when Internet still not known neither alone computers are unreachable with many local towns in the Philippines. Charlie Pinto and any other journalist writers out there could not be reached if ever you wanted to comment back on what they have written since you only read the short story they wrote on Tabloids.

If any chance he is reading this article; I would be glad to get a comment back from him why did he write my father’s story twisted just to caught attention readers maybe? I don’t know. Mr Charlie Pinto twisted his article writer as “A Messenger of God, an Illegal Recruiter!” written originally in TagalogAlagad ng Dios, Illegal Recruiter Pala!” Well, very catchy phrase and if you have not known my father, you would believe the twisted story straight away especially if you are not a sophisticated reader who readily believe all the news in the deceiving news defending the truth or do they care for someone’s damn story about you!

I was blessed how my father personally reacted on his tabloid paper that day. It reflects what our Lord Yeshua (Jesus) had done on the cross when he said “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do”, and it’s the same reaction my father had done that very moment I was empathetically by his side and observing him the whole time. My dad is/was right to forgive whoever was behind the negated story against my family, but it left a scar on me that a journalist writer could not be trusted until proven like my dad’s case.

To: Mr Charlie Pinto, if you have the chance to read my article you are wholeheartedly forgiven by God’s amazing grace and I can use this true story  of mine how we can forgive others even if you were one of the instruments to ruin my family life by reading your tabloid article in history. I do understand that if you have chosen both parties to write a decent story, many would have not read your catching phrase. The truth is my father was not illegal recruiter it was their agent instead by name of Jonalyn Carnaje from Bicol but all the allegations fall on my poor father that he suffers until now!

To: Mrs. Jonalyn Carnaje or Jojo, come out and pay your allegations instead of using my dad to pay your burden for what. Here's an original photo of you, I kept it for years now since 1992 for the record of my current blog. May God help, forgive and prosper your life and your family. We only hope and pray you never repeat the same mistakes over and over again to our kababayans in the Philippines making money out of fraud recruitment system.

Let us forgive seventy times seven as our Lord Yeshua model us when He was on earth. Let those who do not forgive you deal it with the hands of an Almighty Yahweh God alone.

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