Ballarat Summer Backyard Vegetables 2014 - 2015

Ballarat Australia Summer Backyard Vegetables 2014 - 2015

Journal photos and brief garden tips for my summer (Dec2014, Jan-Feb2015) vegetables that grow in Ballarat well. Thank God, there was not much heat wave but a bit more rain than expected. Saved me from less watering trying to avoid running water bills :( ... except for my pumpkins, that needs extra water in the morning when it got dried. Use organic fertiliser and food for plants and soil.

I have fewer plants on my garden patch as I needed the space for Zucchinis and Pumpkins.

1. Jalapeno Chilli - hottest chilli planted in a pot not in the backyard patch as I was not sure if we get early colder Autumn by March...
2. Parsley Herb - love the Ballarat climate and nearly all year round planted and replanted.
3. Lettuce - all year round planting for any Lettuce from seeds or seedlings
4. Russian Kale - This is ideal for Kale chips I find. It survived the warm Ballarat summer
5. Tuscan Kale - This kale type is widely used for anything for your lovely smoothies. This is an older Kale plant left in the garden, but all leaves are still edible! It survived well this summer round as with its sister Russian Kale
6. Spring Onions - can be planted all year round in the garden
7. Bell Pepper - small type Bell Pepper potted plant

Jalapeno Chilli ©jenniferRbaulch

Parsley, Lettuce, Russian Kale   ©jenniferRbaulch

Left: Russian Kale - Right: older Tuscan Kale with longer healthy stem ©jenniferRbaulch 

Right: small type of Bell Pepper ©jenniferRbaulch

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