Australia Summer Garden Flowers Collage 2015 - Part A

Summer home garden flowers collage 2015 record of Queentulip :-) Worth recording your home gardening flowers especially when you forget their names like me or not aware of its names. These are currently blooming for the whole summer. Some blooms starting from early summer December 2014 through February 2015 as summer ends. Some still continue re-blooming through Autumn like my Rose plants.

1. Crocosmia Lucifer or Montbretia 'Lucifer.'
Genus: Crocosmia are deciduous cormous perennials with erect, sword-shaped leaves and branched spikes of showy, funnel-shaped flowers in summer
Family: Iridaceae / Iridaceae
Species: 'Lucifer' is a perennial forming a clump of narrow, erect, mid-green, pleated leaves with sprays of vivid red flowers on stems to 1.2m in height

2. Ivy Geranium Flowers - both Galilee (rose-pink) and L'Elegante (creamy white and tinge of pink) varieties.
Botanical Name: Pelargonium peltatum
This ivy leaf geranium sports clusters of alluring flowers, but the 5-lobed foliage that covers its long, slender stems is showy in itself.
You can train the stems to climb if you want. Climbing geraniums look beautiful on a trellis inserted into the pot.

'Galilee' sports variegated leaves and rose-pink flowers.
'L'Elegante' is a favourite variety with leaves edged in creamy white and a tinge of pink.

TIP: High-nitrogen fertilisers given to young plants will bring a lot of foliage growth, but few flowers. To get the most blooms, use a high-phosphorus fertiliser only while the ivy geranium is budding and flowering.

3.Snow Storm agapanthus
Agapanthus 'Snow Storm' is a fast-growing, floriferous selection that produces clusters of pure-white flowers in late spring and summer. It grows 30 inches tall and wide. Zones 8-10

4. Agapanthus africanus
Agapanthus africanus is a common type of blue flowers that bloom in late summer and early fall. It grows 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Zones 9-10

5. Tesselaar's Gladioli Mixed - both Pink and Yellow mixed colours bought from Tesselaar Tulip Farm festival season near Melbourne, Australia.
Genus: Gladiolus
Species: x grandiflorus
Height: 1-2m
Width: 15cm
Flowers: Summer
Climate: Cool to Sub-Tropical
Aspect: Full Sun
Gladioli are hardy and reliable flowers that can be timed for a succession of summer colour. Gladioli bring a dimension of height to your garden and come in a vast array of colours, so there is something to suit everyone. The bulbs are easy to plant and don't require a lot of fuss.
Ensure you plant your Gladioli bulbs deeply enough, this will reduce the need for staking. Gladioli like a sunny position and you need to ensure you keep them moist when in flower.

TIP: If you have a garden that keeps moist, better to dig your bulbs to keep for next season planting. Unfortunately, I forgot to lift other bulbs from the wet part of my garden, so I lost the rich, dark purple and other colours for next round bulbs.

6. Playboy Floribunda rose 
Playboy Floribunda rose bears semi-double cupped flowers whose ruffled petals are an orange blend. Each petal is bright gold at the centre and edged with red. The effect, when this heavily blooming bush is in full flush, is stunning. These jewels of the summer landscape are also lightly fragrant.

Playboy is a Floribunda, the 3.5-inch flowers appear in clusters beginning in early summer and repeating throughout the season. They hold their intense colour well--even in high summer and are long lasting cut flowers. The rose Playboy was introduced by Cocker of Scotland in 1976 and won the Portland Gold Medal in 1989. It is suitable for planting in USDA zones 5b-9b where it will grow, nearly disease free, to a height of 3-4 feet.

TIP: Deadheading will prevent rose hips from setting and increase re-bloom.

7. Rosa Wild Blue Yonder - this has dark purple depending on the light when taking photo shot from the above photo.
Rosa Wild Blue Yonder is definitely more purple than blue that's for sure. This rose has the dark purple rose colour that everyone wants in a purple rose. It is also very fragrant with a citrus scent and blooms all season with an abundance of rose flowers.It is very disease resistant and was voted a 2006 AARS Champion rose. Zone 5-10, height 4-5 feet.


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