Attitude or ADDitude #Quote

Attitude or ADDitude?

Nope, the additude is not meant to be dyslexic spelling. Is it called ADDitude or attitude to make communication more sense? If a person does not actually ask questions back regarding you and you just keep asking about them, you might as well pre-diagnose their intention or attitude. ADDitude is the new terminology to make it sense and to avoid yourself being hurt when that person often do it intentionally regarding social media (Facebook) or even face to face conversation or communication. They would ask you to like their Facebook posts, but they will not like your post either. They would like their Facebook to be commented, but they will not comment on yours. It is like, they do not really want to connect with you at all. They are like that sort of persons that when something bad happens to you, they pretend they are listening face to face but their body reaction is focused somewhere else, and they did not actually hear you at all. They keep silent and try to presume, assume, did not ask a relevant question and still selfishly talk their whereabouts only. In short, they are very showy for what they got and done to others always even if you are not asking such! So forgive that ADDitude if they have such kind of attitude. Ironically, those with real ADD or ADHD are great connecting people when they really do, so you are kind of confuse which personality you are dealing with sometimes.

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