DIY Journal Idea Recipe

DIY Journal Idea Recipe

The technology world is going paperless or digital but still many of us love to have pens and papers for our journal. Yeah, it's recipe for the brain and hands not for the tummy. Looking forward ahead of the next new year and if you're a crafter, you are torn between buying ready-made journals or DIY with more personal touches than bought and re-decorate it. I've upcycled this journal few years back. It's very simple to bind it using few materials that are lying around your house.

This journal DIY is more for ladies. You can still create for men without the fancy colours and embellishments.


6 Coloured Paper - use for separating your 12 months calendar
96 minimum of Bond Papers - you can add more if you want
Ribbon stash of any colour and kinds
Yarns or any alternative to making your tag and use for binding
Beads as one option to tie to your yarn
Needle - to bind your punched hole papers together
Recycle cardboard to use for cover before embellishing it


1. Gather 8 bond paper and one coloured paper, align them together and fold them half.
2. Punch at least four holes to loop your yarn or ribbons of your choice. (The metal ring binder can ruin your paper overtime that's why a yarn, strip of fabric or ribbon are the best option for this.)
3. Repeat step 1 and two until you got six folded and punched papers altogether.
4. Align all together and you can bind them with your ribbons or yarns as suggested. Don't forget your cardboard cover.
5. You can embellish your cover and inside out to however you want.

Please share us your link of your handmade journal photo you may have uploaded to your Instagram, Twitter or blog.

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