Quest For The Real Queen Tulips!

Do you like the Queen of all Tulips in Springtime? You don't need to, but I do. This particular colour of tulip is Queen of the Night that my husband used to call me when he was courting me while I was teaching in Thailand and he's here in Australia. I had really no idea what it looked like and if there's any such Queen of Tulips neither my hubby never knew its existence.

Now, I can't thank enough my sweet butterfly hubby who brought me to this tulip farm or the Tesselaar Tulip Festival, Victoria Australia. A dream of a simple li'l girl came true! It was kind of a surprise to both of us to discover this new life of a Tulip flower somewhere somehow can be sound like prophetic unveiled before our eyes at that moment. I think it's utterly romantic quest for the real Queen of the Night Tulip. It has come alive, and it's just the beginning of its journey I have on this journal blog.

What about you, any particular favourite tulip or flowers?

We also brought mum and dad with us and enjoyed the Tulip Farm for the first time all together so it's not only me who came here for the first time - though they live in Victoria. Sometimes, it's funny to hear because even some connections on the social network who lives closer to Melbourne metro than us in Ballarat never even heard about this beautiful Farm Festival every year until they see the shared photos on Facebook :-)

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