First Time Our Vehicle Tow Service

This is not a paid review for RACV roadside car service.

My diary peeps posting this for my sister Sheeri if you may wonder why I posted it on my blog :). It's towing car for the first time of our vehicle through the RACV roadside car service. Suddenly needs to get its fuel pump replacement for a new one since it could not start Sunday night, March 10, 2013. Book in for Tuesday; which is today because Ballarat had public holiday yesterday and no mechanics service available. Hubby book in for mechanic, he tried to ring the mobile service, but they are more cost, so he just has to go through RACV tow truck service and pick the car to another local mechanic service. The first RACV tow truck service man came and started the car and all he thought the car should start by over-passing the switch from its petrol to its gas then he went off. When hubby restarted the car, it does not even start at all as it was; it's like it's the car last breath then gone. Thankfully, we're able to call back RACV waiting for 10 minutes on the phone I think and book in for the tow truck man service and came but a different one this time. It's not RACV truck but apparently RACV's alliance. So the service man fill up paper form, and I signed, in case police officer checked the car's registration and detail for its security, he said.

 Dramas happen in our everyday life sometimes when least expected and when they do it could look ugly before the dramas turned out for something unexpected for betterment at the end.

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