Organic Chemical Free Gardening

Queentulip organic garden after spring vacation with all the weeds hovering around bolting Radicchio, Radish, etc.

Every year, thousands of chemicals poured into the environment, and millions of gallons of water are needlessly wasted. How?

By growing plants.
Sure, sizably large agricultural producers do most of this, but some of it still done in private gardens and that signifies that you can make a difference by transmuting your gardening practices. Many agricultural practices who have done it and you can utilise the same tricks to avail your own garden, and the planet.

Pick congruous plants.
Not all plants are harmonious for the area you live in. While you might be able to control the temperature, humidity, and rain conditions inside your house, you cannot do it out in the garden. If you pick felicitous plants for your area, you may be able to evade utilising fertilisers and saving on water additionally. Research, what plants are native to your circumventing areas and endeavour to plant them in your own garden. Wildflowers are just that, they can assuredly be isolated and will thrive in most regions.

Pick natural repelling plants.
You do not need to rely on poisons to keep away garden ruining pests. Many plants engender chemicals that repel these animals naturally. By putting them in or around your garden, you can keep your garden safe with little effort and no chemicals. Moreover, you can pick components of these plants and utilise them to make products to repel them from you additionally.

If you do not want to plant natural repellents in your garden, you can utilise them to spray your plants without harming them or integrating artificial chemicals to your garden. Many herbs like hot pepper, vanilla, and lavender can avail repel insects from your garden.

Pull weeds. 
We are all probing for a quick and facile way to dispense weeds safely without chemicals, but the good antediluvian way is still very effective. If you take time every day to pull the weeds you can find, you will only take a few minutes, so it does not seem homogeneous to an abundance of work. You can even get the kids involved, just be sure to do it felicitously, so you do not spread the seeds around. There are even some common weeds that are edible, just ascertain there are no pesticides that could have gotten on them.

Crop rotation. 
Farmers all over the world use crop rotation to fertilise plants naturally. The concept is to transmute what crop you are inserting an individual field each year. Plants use different nutrients and put other nutrients back into the soil. If you rotate crops that supersede the nutrients the other plants use, you will have to fertilise the ground less.

You can utilise this same concept in your garden by planting different plants every year, or just rotating where you put concrete plants in the backyard.

Therefore, you have made all these vicissitudes and are utilising a little water, chemical free garden? Well, you still have not done the paramount thing: pass it on! One garden can make a dent, but more can make a more astronomically tremendous difference. Tell your friends, teach your kids, you can even visit their school and edify your kids’ friends! Every little bit avails make a more preponderant world.

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