Australia Deadly Spider Chart

Arachnophobia? Living in Australia has deadly and hazardous spiders, I must admit. Here is a free chart sent in my electronic mail we can utilise in handy for identification. We conventionally get the White-tailed spider at home indoor and outdoor but very facile to kill if I find them indoor only. I have to kill it myself because my hubby is more trepidatious than me :-)  I just leave spiders outdoor if I visually see them.

Growing up from the Philippines, we did relish playing spiders when we were at school or at home, we used to keep the innocuous spiders in those tiny matches box and play two spiders on a stick for fighting. Some kids will play and exchange it for any toys or trade with rubber bands whichever spider won the fight. These days, I am not sure if rubber bands or spider fights are still a game in the remote or country sides in the Philippines, which I doubt it.

At last, I have seen the deadly Red-back spider in our garden later after I post this, accidentally squashed with the garden weeds with it before I realised there's a red colour at its back?!

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