Throwback Snowfall in Ballarat, Victoria Australia 2006

Yearning for snowfall in Ballarat every Winter after my first experienced right at home front and back yards. Sometimes I missed the snowfall as it melts quickly on the ground depending on the humidity around Ballarat. It does not stay the whole day even this snowfall in 2006, it melted in the afternoon.

Snowfall in Ballarat winter season often a surprising visitor when it feels like it. The wind, not right moisture on the air and low humidity have not help to stay longer on the ground to enjoy. Ballarat is known as one of the coldest part in Australia but it does not mean the winter snowfall stays long.

The interesting fact is, Ballarat natural snow falls on different locations but not the whole town. So you gotta drive where they are except if you wanna drive to the alpine region for the winter season with natural or man-made snow available all winter.

After all, we just have to be grateful when it did or does. Be grateful for those little things as they are more worth than any thing!

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