Frolic Frosty Home Organic Plants in Ballarat

Night shift mode here at home so I am up all night to watch the frost. I could only show you enough how Ballarat City looks in the mid of July winter here suddenly covered with frost across our lawns and plants especially our Tuscan Kale, Russian Kale, Lettuces, etc. There are no green house for them but they all look loving the frost! I got a mother Kale growing taller and bigger leaves to let it grow where it takes me on its Kale world journey garden freedom. By the way, they are great for Kale chips if I choose to. As what I have mentioned in my earlier instagram post, Kale chips bought from the supermarket are luxury treat prices and yet they are not organically grown. Why not grow your own and eat them in different ways knowing the great benefits are spreading globally.

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