DIY Using Wallpaper On Cabinet Doors

DIY using wallpaper on cabinet doors, my latest project on The Block. :-) Instead of playing with paint colours, I thought of experimenting a wallpaper I bought from Masters Home Improvement warehouse this time to update our dark guest room. I thought my DIY looks unconventional because according to Google search not much wallpapering their wardrobe cabinet doors maybe except me. I do not care; I just do it!

Wallpaper in Australia is trending back, but the modern style of applying it is just one side corner of the wall in the house of your chosen spot not covering all room as in the past. My mother-in-law did a great job in the past when she wallpapered their lounge room before they were taken it all off and replaced it with wall paint now after years. Now the Gen-X,Y & Millennials are dazzling it to the next level reviving the wallpaper in only one corner of the house :-) Crikey!

The width of wallpaper, unfortunately, could not entirely cover each wardrobe cabinet door, so I decided to paint it with a white wall paint that goes as a background of the wallpaper and just centred it on the enclosure itself. Since the door is a darker wood panel, I need to double coat the paint before glueing my final design. I did imagine to do this ages ago, but I never get to try until autumn April 2016.

I reckon it brightens up the room that goes with our wall painted with white than what it was all dark colour and dull. Renovating an older house can be as expensive as buying a new home if we do not find a discounted materials out there. All this update have cost me under a $100 excluding my labour :-) for the wallpaper, glue and the wall paint. There are more updates to be done in a house but taking one step at a time while doing my digital work online should be a balance.

Wall Paint
Wallpaper Glue
Stanley Knife
Wallpaper Roller
Wallpaper Brush for the glue
Reuse cloth to wipe excess glue application process
ladder when necessary

What is your unique DIY interior decor out there? Please share them with us from your blog link if you have one or Instagram post.

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