Lambley Nursery Customer Service Review

QUOTE: “One customer, well-taken-care-of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” byJimRohn

NOTE: We were buying any three different Sedum pot plants with the same price tag. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of the actual plants while in pots before planting in the ground and review. The marketing price was indicated below at the time we bought the items.

Buying Price: 1 for $9.00, 3 for $24.00 for Sedum ‘Jose Aubergine.'

Purchase Price: 1 for $9.00, 3 for $24.00 for Sedum ‘Autumn Joy.'

Different Sedum plants but the same price tag for each pot or 3 pot plants. We asked if we can buy any of three Sedum plants for the same price tag of $24, but because one or the other is not the same of the three groups of pot Sedum plants, the seller insisted, “no it should be a different price for each.” Come on, where did she get her mathematics? We all thought giving us any of the three different Sedum pot plants should provide us with the same price, but she could not bend its logical sense. 

The business could lure us coming back and buying more from them than anywhere else online or offline. Also, we can do free word-of-mouth marketing, blogging review and Instagram in our accounts for their small business for free! 

The thing is, whether we live in an advanced technology age, and we can buy stuff just a click of a second online of our choice. Sometimes we want to go out there to breathe and smell the flowers like what we have done visiting Lambley Nursery and at the same time to buy some of their plants and veggie seeds.

The question is, sure enough even if Lambley Nursery or any small business out there got niche if customers not looked after, in a split of seconds, we as customers or clients can go somewhere else or buy online from other organic seeds seller giving value than what you expect as a customer.

We hope this review is a lesson to learn.

PROS: It is a great nursery garden for tourism spot with their niche as "watering their garden three times a year" due to its selective drought tolerant plants in one part of their garden and you can visit there most days except Australia holidays.

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