How To Animate Your Photos Automatically?

How to animate your photos automatically?


1. Upload or Download it to your PC or websites. No software or tool to animate your photos. You only needed a Gmail account first. Upload your photos in your Google Photos Album. Of course, don't forget the important thing, you needed to upload a repeated the same particular photo and Google will recognise this and automatically notify when your "animation" is ready to keep or delete. You can also create a separate album of your animations enable for you to access this when you needed to blog it in your Blogger account. If you want to download and upload it to your Wordpress Blog for your content or other hosting sites, then you can download it to your PC or follow step number 3.

2. Download it your mobile phone and share it on the social media of your choice. You can also access your animations through your smart mobile app Google Photos not mistakenly from the Picasa Tool (owned by another company not Google anymore). Although I use these two apps on my phone, you can only access animations direct from Google Photos Album app if you want to share it on your Instagram account and other social media.

3.  You can either choose to post it either direct from your Google Photos album or by embedding it through your Instagram account after posting it.

Animated Tulip from Queentulip home garden automatically.

Animated Tulip after posted on my Instagram account:

PS: Thing with Google is, we could not rely on it 100% when it comes to their different features like any third party service tool online including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They can choose to close anything down if they wanted to use other methods that make them crumpet.

What is your best animation tool?

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