Pieris Japonica Flowering Plant

Pieris Japonica Flowering Plant

Are you in search of this Japonica? I've fallen in love with this plant when we stayed at Tamar Valley Resort in Tasmania. Most of these flowering shrubs in Ballarat do not have this type when they are bursting flowers in spring time. If you drive around Ballarat, you will find similar bush cousins being pruned hedges meticulously. Pieris Japonica or Mountain Fire is not typical from Bunnings store and other nurseries offline that I have seen but the other type only. You can special order from Bunnings by the time I post this blog, but it would cost you $80 (Japonica Christmas Cheer type - not even sure if it's the same) while you can buy online from under $5 small plant. There are at least a couple of three websites selling the Pieris Japonica "Mountain Fire" online within Australia, which is hopeful!

From a distance, the shrub looks more natural Christmas flowering bush or a perfect scrapbooking theme! Though it is a slow growing, I reckon, worth the wait! From the photo I took, the plants have not been pruned flat or design, they just let it grow taller and let those flowers falling naturally from the shrub, which is very pretty! It does make sense you don't need to prune this hard, round or flat like its other species due to its kind of flowering type. Yeah, the names are confusing, and you've got to read its description before you buy since most of the photos online looking close similar with each other, the main reason I post this.

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