10 Beckoning Burlap Selected Craft Ideas

The beckoning part of artistic designs is "endless" when it comes to rustic decors using this simple burlap (hessian) cloth from Jute plants. You can buy the ready made ones from craft stores. I find the cheapest way to purchase the burlap fabric in Australia is from the hardware store, especially by meters. There are types of Hessian clothes so make sure you are not buying the ones for the garden use.

There are many Etsy sellers online creating handmade burlap decors, ideas on Pinterest pinning burlap stuff and bloggers archiving them as it seems endless ideas popping regularly. They are ideal for natural and rustic theme weddings and other parties all year round. I'm not affiliated with Etsy yet or any shop linked to the lists of jute fabric use ideas, I just love the creation posted as I bumped into them. :-)

Jute plants are wild flora in the Philippines and from Asian tropical countries. They grow naturally in the warmer part of the tropics and not the colder parts without someone intentionally planting them. In the wild, they sprout from the soil and accumulate very quickly once the rainy months season started. They are very nutritious food by cooking the leaves (slimy texture exactly like cooked Okra), not the stems where the Jute materials are made from! However, India, the world's first producer of jute materials and products followed by other countries.

1. Cute Canvas Wall Frame Decorated with Burlap via PortersOnline Craft and Frame

2.  Clever Burlap Flower for a Rustic Wedding Flower Arrangement idea via PapernLace on Etsy

3. Burlap Ruffled Tablecloth selling on Etsy for  AU$341.82 via PaulandErika Shop (no commission, just posting the beau)

4. Burlap Ruffled Bedskirt via PaulandErika Etsy Shop

5. Burlap Table Runner Idea via Minimalisti Interior Design Blog

6. Door Decor Burlap with Snowflakes Touch via FynesDesign

7. An elegant Burlap Dust Ruffle On Furniture With Burlap Ruffle Throw Beautiful Burlap Decor By CreativeCaterpillar via Lazulo post

8. Burlap Ribbon Christmas Decor idea via Pinterest Pinner sold from Etsy

9. Rustic Burlap Pot Gift idea via SaveOnCrafts Store

10. Burlap and Lace Chair Sashes via DC Creations Rustic Wedding Decor  Hire

What's your best style of burlap decor?

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