10 Burlap Bows Craft Ideas Selection

"Creativity is a combination of discipline and a childlike spirit." 
#quote by Robert Greene

As I've mentioned in my early post, Burlap or Hessian or Jute materials are endless ideas to create for crafts or for planet earth parties. The combination of natural colour brings the rustic theme for all occasion. The following list of ideas is from different bloggers or burlap material sellers online including mine.

1. This is my Christmas 2016 Queentulip Burlap Bow Decoration idea - one for an empty picture frame and a curtain bow decor that goes with the table centrepiece theme from another blog post.

2. Burlap Bows Pink and Blue idea - you can imagine more ribbon to top it off depending what event you gonna use DIY for via SussieHarrisBlog

3. Wreath Tutorial Bow but this wreath is my favourite because it's all naturally green against the burlap bow. The tutorial is from another blogger posted via Petal and Ply blog.

4.  Custom Burlap Wreath for Year Round wreath or Christmas Wreath... selling via Zibbet Shop (no commission just like posting) :-) 

5. The Perfect Wreath Tutorial for Autumn or Fall Season via TheDomesticDiva blog

6. Tree Top Burlap & Ribbon Bow - the tutorial and bowmaker via BowDabraBlog

7. Grab your garden rake and use it for Double Burlap Bow literally, the tutorial via MyOnlineWeddingHelp 

8. Burlap Bow Picture Frame via Shanty-2-Chic blog 

9. Christmas Greeting Card Display or it can be any greeting cards including postcards all year-round display idea with a White Lace Burlap Bow via KristineDukePhotography

10. Small Burlap Bow using jute twine as well for any occasion or even card making although this photo link leads you to the AlieExpress online shop to ready made bows as the original source (no commission just posting the idea) :-)

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