Ballarat Aldi Salad Leaf Packed With Weeds Review

Ballarat Aldi Store's Salad Packed With Weeds Review

It should be "Wild Rocket With Wild Weeds".

I should not review a product such as this, but now I do. This was not the first time sorting our "washed/ready to eat" Wild Rocket Leaf packet and other salad packets I did not bother to photo shoot. We usually shop at Aldi for our groceries, and we put up with weeds in our salad if there are only one plant (herb) or other leaf unwritten (unlabeled). It's not a big deal but to find more weeds is an annoyance.

This was around Christmastime 2016 when all I have to do is sorting out gourmet weeds from our bought packet from Aldi. Nothing wrong with these plants because they are culinary herbs but my hubby got sensitive tummy so I gotta clean it up. I haven't tried eating them yet myself, but I know they're edible. I often find them at our backyard organic garden. Now, we have to shop elsewhere for our salad leaf.


1. Stinging Nettle leaves
2. Marshmallow leaf
3. Chickweed Leaf
4. Sweetpea leaves - we usually find this all-year round but ignored it.

Tweeted the link and photo to Aldi's Twitter and able to get an action after two days after getting my phone number via Twitter message. The lady on the phone asked permission, the call is recorded for the headquarter's to sort the problem. In defence, she told me that their Wild Rocket leaf usually plant in a natural environment but will let their suppliers know about it. She did ask, if I still have the packet but of course already thrown it out and then she ask which Aldi store in Ballarat (can hear typing it on her end...).

Oh, that hurts my head! I do hate phone calls, not the call! I am EMR sensitive!

Hope they sort it out...I can't wait for cooler months to plant my own weeds, not MJ!

Aldi Wild Rocket Leaf
Reviewed by JenniferBaulch on January 07 2017
Rating: 1/5 Stars

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