In search of a Carnivorous plant!

As soon as Spring season hits the air, the Venus Flytrap plant is unavailable from our local Bunnings warehouse store. I returned few times, and still, they have no stock anymore when you really needed them.

The cost of one Venus Flytrap in a pot literally the price of 100 seeds you can quickly order from different (small business) online shops besides eBay Australia. I decided to get it from eBay since we have an account and ratings from there anyway. Plus yeah, why not support small businesses from something you need?

I guess I got plenty of seeds to play around the garden this season with the hope of growing them quickly. My seed packet looks more than 100 seeds! They're amazingly tiny to count! Every warmer season, we get flies badly due to our mulch in the garden. They often return every year. I tried man-made flytraps, but I want to try God's creation flytrap plant this time :-)

I can't wait when it grows as those pesky flies are already buzzing right now as I type!

Cost of Venus Flytrap Plant Online and Offline Local Shops Australia


While we are at Venus Flytrap, watch this video why flytrap moves and other plants alike? Do they have a brain?

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