Expo Dry Erase Markers Review

This was a freebie sent by Pinch Me Australia website. From time to time they can you send samples to try before you buy. Why not sample them first, if they're good products?

I do get different free samples and review them when I can voluntarily. Some do ask to review them directly on their website by sending you samples. It depends on what site you are using or applied.

Apology for the photos looks sucks here, as this blog is not about photography I have my other site for photography journal.

If you are interested in joining Pinch Me in Australia for Australian residents only, here's their website when they come back as they are on vacation as I'm posting this on now. http://pinchme.com.au/

I guess probably one of the last product samples they had sent before their break was these ones.


  • It's 5 out of 5 rating.
  • From the writing test in the photos below that I have done on my inspirational whiteboard, it is writing very well. No smudges or drippings. All is well. Not much odour, which is great! The great about it is, there's an indicator how much left if you're apparently running low ink before you buy your next lot.

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