Spring November 2017 - Home Organic Strawberry

Four months after, our strawberry in pots is growing back very lush and plenty of fruits launching.

As I 've said, I reused the pack of charcoal air purifier that has been used indoors for a while for a new mulch of the pot plants.

This is precisely the result of the photos after 4 months. Next step was, I just added a foraged dried pine needles as mulch for their whole life and protect from the heatwave this late spring to summer. Let's see what will happen next episode?

The plastic bottles are not just rubbish reused for putting oil attraction for earwigs pest around my garden plants. Earwigs are present during summer, but when I started to DIY my bottle attraction, they began to decline, thank God!

The good thing is, I could reuse the bottle many times once the earwigs are full and dead balls before replacing the next batch of any cooking oil. You can even put a small amount of tuna, the Earwigs love them before they munch all your strawberry plants and other plants you have around the garden. They will also hide inside your beautiful flowers deterring you as the gardener to cut them for flower arrangement inside the home.

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