Creswick Koala Park

Visiting Koala Park last year after checking some job offers in the surroundings for our friend. It's tempting to hike but we were not prep for bushwalking gears because it was fairly hot summer for tracksuit pants and hiking shoes.

After the wildfires late 2019 to early 2020, there was some proposal they could relocate wildlife Koala that became extinct in the area for a while, I mean they escaped from the park in spite of fencing. We hiked the area years ago and if you start at the bottom to the top you will be rewarded with a beautiful lake view. You only need to follow the track due to old mines shafts in the area if you like to forage some berries, you might be in trouble.

where to start hiking down the bottom track to the lake

It looks Dewberry but it's small size wild Blackberry

close up

more close up

drying up before we pick and they're pretty sweet
Something to forage if you're one who knows what to forage when bushwalking. We look forward to Koala wildlife to be back in the area will be a great sanctuary for them instead of Koala Park ghost town since their escaped years ago.

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