How To Replant Store Bought Mushrooms Infographic

Autumn is in the air!

Did you experiment this yet?
I did but I am afraid to eat it because I'm not sure if it's the one I put around the backyard :-) but they often come back every autumn from March to May.

TRUTH IS: after any wildfires or bushfires, mushrooms regrowths are more prolific than ever. I have grown in the remote mountain in my childhood years and I knew some people even intended to lit a fire before the rainy season so it creates an abundance of mushroom foraging in the mountain. Once you grow up in that kind of environment the old folks' knowledge is passed on the next generation that I already learned. Unfortunately, it is not the same principle to apply foraging in Australia if you did not forage since you were young as there are more poisonous and edible ones that look the same. Good news for the foragers in Australia if you know what to forage, though in the midst of coronavirus crisis.

Maybe try this infographic I stumble online.

"Cut stems off store-bought mushrooms, and place the mushroom caps gill-side-down on a piece of clean wax paper. 5. Wait 24 hours for the caps to release their spores, which you will replant when you are done. You may cover the caps with cups if you like, which can keep the delicate spores from blowing away."

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