Highlight Wild Blackberries Foraging

Testing this movie clip from my google album automated by Google product when you save it after they notify you on their app or PC browser. It's only less than one minute but it recaptures your highlights of the day. It's becoming more user friendly blogging wise.


  • Click "insert image" on your edit tabs blogger dashboards then it brings you to your albums archive. You won't see your movie there.
  • Find the search box and type "movie" and your saved movie clips come up including your mobile saved video if you sync your mobile with your Google Photos App...and done!
  • The music background is auto by Google whether you like it or not. Otherwise, create your own if you can't bear the music.
  • Oppps, I found out after I launch the post, the video clip won't work directly. The only quickest way for this is to download from your archive then upload on your YouTube channel before embedding in your blog again.
  • Find the video clip at the bottom of this post. If you're not sure, you've already uploaded ages ago, Google notifies for any duplication so you can delete it.

An archive photos video clip of our home cooking, backyard wildlife adventure and foraging wild Blackberries last autumn 2019. An addition freezing fruits to our "pick your own" Blueberries not forage from the Blueberry farm we consumed throughout autumn and some in winter.

Honestly, we weren't prepared for foraging when we pass by the outback road to Lal Lal Falls that's why we were so careful with the Blackberry thorns on our feet and thin clothes as it was hot autumn not snowing yet. Don't worry we leave more than plenty for the wild birds and rabbits.
Hmmm...not working after all the trouble. Not yet totally user-friendly.

Hawthorn but we did not forage that.

Blackberries on our Keffir Yoghurt

Crimson Rosella wildlife parrot photography whenever it shows up

I love lichen photography if you ask me. I never tried to eat it yet according to Bear Grylls.

Lal Lal Falls dried up in hot summer but it often refills when the heavy rain comes.

Thank you, have a fairdinkum day!

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