VERNON COLEMAN SONG (Stand Up For Truth) - b.w.m.p.

Anyone who questions authority
Is a dangerous conspiracy theorist 
Says the propaganda machine
While selling fear

Me, I have to disagree
I can't help feeling we're being lied to
Misled by governments that 
Distort truth

Social media is quickly gaining
A reputation for censorship
Pretty soon only state-approved
Lobbyists allowed

YouTube is no more than 
A worthless propaganda vessel
Specializing in indoctrination 

Modern day book burning
You can't have freedom without a free press
Friends, it's time for courage and integrity
Stand up for truth
Friends, it's time for courage and integrity
Stand up for truth.

Copyright (c) Bob Westfall 2020
Moonlight Poet Music Company

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"Dr Vernon Coleman was the first writer to warn that vaccines are neither as safe nor as effective as the establishment claims. He points out that one in six hospital patients is there because he or she has been made ill by doctors. He warns that doctors are now as big a cause of death as cancer or heart disease. He warns of the dangers of paraquat (and associated products such as Roundup). He points out the importance of the immune system in defending against cancer."

(there are more list than these in his website

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