5 Unique Ways To Make Money With Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is fun and a creative way to preserve memories. There are creative ways you can make money with this fun hobby. This article will give you five ways you can make money with scrapbooking.

1. You can teach others how to scrapbook.

I'm sure there are people in your community that wish to learn how to scrapbook. You could rent a meeting room in a hotel or conference center, charge a fee and lead a workshop teaching people how to scrapbook. This could further lead to consulting sessions or coaching sessions with you about scrapbooking.

2. You could build a scrapbook for a small business owner.

Many business owners take lots of pictures. They hold grand openings, special parties, etc. A lot of times the only thing they know how to do is upload the pictures to flickr. You could offer to take all of those pictures and put them in an attractive scrapbook that the business owner would be thrilled to show off to their customers.

3. You could sell your leftover scrapbook supplies.

Many times when scrapbooking you may have materials left over that's not enough for a full page. Instead of throwing the materials away you could sell your leftover supplies on eBay or etsy.

4. You can create scrapbooks for new parents.

Many times parents are so busy being parents that they don't have the time to create a lovely scrapbook for their new precious addition. You could create a wonderful heirloom for this family by using your scrapbooking skills to create a unique scrapbook for them. People are having babies all the time so this is a revenue stream that will always be around. If you go to a church, check your church's announcement section to keep up with the people that are expecting a new addition.

5. Don't forget about high school and college seniors.

Graduations are a turning point in many people's lives. This is another occasion that usually produces tons of pictures. See if you can strike up a deal with the local high schools to become the official scrapbooker for that school. Once again, if you can do this, you'll have a guaranteed revenue source b/c someone graduates from high school every year. For college students, be sure that you have a MySpace and a Facebook account since those are the two social networks that college students typically spend the most time on.

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