My First Passion in Musical Instrument...

Parents are our first teachers, and if they are inclined to music, some or most children follow suit.

As a little girl, I recalled my dearest dad who loves teaching me how to play the ukulele.

We spent hours and hours in the home church we live; taping my songs I love to sing...

Strumming the Ukulele despite my tattered vocal singing as a 1 ½-year-old girl

The memories brought me back how I sang it this way while striking my ukulele:

Tattered song: “Ye ta te to, Ye ta te to, Ye ta te to, Ta te to, To me...”

Translation: “Yes God is good, yes God is good, yes God is good, God is so good to me.”

I even like to sing the Japanese version of it: “Shuba shuba lashi, shuba shuba lashi, shuba shuba

lashi, wattashi lusho...” (sorry if that’s not the exact Japanese sounding words)

I owe that very precious time with my dad and mom!

As I grew up, I eventually changed my ukulele into playing the guitar when I was in primary.

Ukulele seem vanished to me as an instrument anymore instead of being creative out of it?

I see some are still playing the ukulele amazingly, which I’d once grown up with....

Honestly, I am sorry for myself why I went with the flow when I was young...

I thought the guitar is better than ukulele because it’s common!

Maybe that was something just a step of encouragement by my parents I supposed.

I don’t blame my dad or my mom either...I 'm not mad at them because I did not

pursue more my passion in music although I still sing and play my guitar today of my own!

What about you? What is your real passion and do you think you are fulfilling it?

It’s not too late to pursue what passion we have, haven’t we?

I'm so glad that my siblings had loved playing the instruments they like 'til now.

Be encouraged! If there’s any time to keep singing/playing from our hearts, it should be now!

Just sing it or play it joyfully and happily!

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